Social Media

3 Vänners Glass


Together with 3 Vänners Ice Cream, we worked to develop initiatives for increased brand awareness. Main challenges were to reach a broad target group including all ages.

By reviving an early 2000’s classic and mixing it with today's major social media channel TikTok, the trends in music production and dance, Reach managed to appeal across the generations.

By working with Mange Schmidt and his nostalgic hit classic "Glassigt", Viktor Frisk and TikTok sensations Iza and Elle remade the song and made a colourful video for it.

Thanks to an experienced team with knowledge in both tech, strategy, goal management, PR and social media, Reach has been able to be responsible for digital strategy, concept development and content production. The team has also, in addition to music production, lyric writing and song recording made live performances with influencer activations.

In addition to this, we made sure media knew all about it to ensure a strong media presence.

We also produced the Nordic region's first TikTok takeover, which means that the ad is visible in all the advertising space for 24 hours on the platform.

Earned media: 20+ items, 5+ million estimated reach and a result that shows an all time high for sales of 3 Vänner Ice Cream. That’s cold.


Viktor Frisk


CD / SoMe specialist

Rebecca Batsoulis


Project Manager

Michael Sundblom


PR Consultant


March 2021