Ownershift is a politically independent think tank with the purpose of shifting societal power structures through ownership. The long term goal is to diversify ownership, starting off with increasing the percentage of female ownership in Sweden.

A kick-off mapped Ownershifts current situation, the thresholds and pinpointed the smartest efforts to support Ownershift.

Our work has included:
Strategic communication
Creation of report on ownership in Sweden
Credibility through collaborations
Social Media campaigns
Engaging big influencers/profiles
Media processing
Interviews in national and business media

Reach for launch of Ownershift report 2023: 21 603 000

Media outlets: 56, e.g. DI, Breakit,, Aftonbladet, SvD, Realtid

Message: Female ownership - presented by Ownershift


Jennie Sinclair


Senior Consultant

Felicia Röding


Project Manager

Sandra Norberg


PR Consultant

Cajsa Thorsson


Social Media Strategy